Wineries in the Beqaa Valley

The Beqaa Valley in Lebanon is home to a large amount of farmland.

There are more than a dozen wineries located in the valley. I have visited two.

Chateau Kefraya

In 2015, I visited Chateau Kefraya — about 19 miles south of Zahle in the Beqaa Valley.

  • Grape leaves growing in a vineyard in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon
  • Rows of grapevienes in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon
  • Roses growing in front of a field of grape vines in Lebanon
  • A spiky thistle or weed with wasps and a spider.
  • Large wine storage barrels at Chateau Kefraya
  • Large stainless steel wine fermenters
  • A cork on top of a wine barrel
  • Close-up of a Chateau Kefraya wine barrel
Rows of wine barrels for aging wine

Here's a timelapse of the drive to get there from Zahle.

Chateau Ksara

In 2010, I visited Chateau Ksara, which is easy to visit when visting Zahle and coming from Beirut.

I don't have as many pictures from there, and not of great quality, but here are a few nonetheless.

The outside entrance to Chateau Ksara
  • Large wine barrels at Chateau Ksara
  • An old map of the tunnels at Chateau Ksara
  • A cave with wine barrels at Chateau Ksara
  • A large grape press at Chateau Ksara
  • A small grape press tool at Chateau Ksara