Zef Houssney

My name is Zef Houssney. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and four children.

This website is my personal journal; a place for me to catalog and share my projects, thoughts, and whatever else is interesting to me. I love building and making all sorts of things, and that's primarily what I'm sharing on this website right now.

Professionally, I have been working as a freelance software developer since 2007. I love creating excellent and useful software, especially for iOS, which has been my primary focus for most of my career. I have also worked professionally as a full-stack web developer, mainly building web applications with Ruby on Rails.

Some of the iOS software I've created for clients is in my iOS Development Portfolio.

I also teach a class on iOS app development at the University of Colorado's ATLAS Institute

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share with me. If there are any typos, bugs, inaccuracies, or other errors of any kind, I would really like to hear about them!

Send me an email at zef@zef.studio, or a note on Twitter or Instagram, if you prefer. I appreciate it!

Technical Details

This website is written in Swift and generated as a static site using Publish, with a number of customizations I implemented to get the behavior I wanted. I designed and handcoded the template, and use the excellent Sass language to generate the CSS. The code for this website is open-source.